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About Nova Scotia and Halifax

Nova Scotia is almost entirely surrounded by water, and is connected to mainland Canada by a strip of land just 17.7 miles wide.

Nova Scotia has over 5,400 lakes , and 3,800 coastal islands.


Because of its proximity to busy sea lanes, its jagged coastline, and its unpredictable weather, Nova Scotia has the greatest collection of shipwrecks in North America.


In area, Nova Scotia is slightly smaller than the US state of West Virginia and the European country of Latvia.


The population of Nova Scotia is 950,000, of which 400,000 live in the capital, Halifax.

While English is the predominant language, French is also widely spoken.  Native Mi’kmaq and Gaelic languages are also spoken in places.


As the crow flies, Halifax is 1,955 miles from Dallas, and 2,878 miles from London.


Nova Scotia is ordered by a parliamentary government within the construct of constitutional monarchy.  The sovereign is Queen  Elizabeth II.  The Queen's representative, the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, carries out most of the royal duties in Nova Scotia.

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