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About Scotland and England

Scotland is the United Kingdom’s northernmost country.  It covers an area of 36,265 square miles, and has a population of 5.3 million.  For administrative purposes, Scotland has 33 counties, and the capital city is Edinburgh

The Scottish Government (which sits in session at Holyrood in Edinburgh) is responsible in Scotland for all issues that are not explicitly reserved to the United Kingdom Parliament at Westminster; such devolved matters include health care, education, justice and policing, rural affairs, economic development and transport.

Amongst many things, Scotland is perhaps best known for its mountains and glens, its castles, its whisky, its golf courses, its bagpipes and kilts, its history of invention and discovery, its hospitality, Robert Burns, Braveheart, Sean Connery, and its proud, independent people.


England is the United Kingdom’s southernmost country.  It covers an area of 50,346 square miles, and has a population of 53.5 million, 8.4 million of which live in the London metropolitan area.

For administrative purposes, outside Greater London and the Isles of Scilly, England is divided into 83 counties, and is centrally governed by the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

Amongst many things, England is known for its varied scenery, its country mansions, its beer, its sport (cricket, football, rugby), its fish and chips, its different accents, William Shakespeare, Princess Diana, the Beatles, and David Beckham!


Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth countries.

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